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Baby Bucket List: 29 Globetrotting Babies to Inspire Your Family Travel Wanderlust

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I love seeing babies who travel.

Whether its a sunny beach in the Caribbean, a fairy-tale castle in Europe, or an off-the-beaten-path stop in Asia, nothing inspires my family travel wanderlust quite like seeing pictures of babies working their way through their passports.

I’m always looking for inspiration for our next trip, so I reached out to some of my favorite family travel bloggers to show me where their babies have been and talk a bit about why each place was a great travel destination for a baby or toddler. They did not disappoint!

Embrace the island life.


By Anna of Twins and Travels

Lanzarote was the first country we took the twins to at 18 months old. Up until then, we just couldn’t face travelling with them as we had to take so much ‘stuff’ with us – two of EVERYTHING! So it was important that we found somewhere easily accessible that had everything – nice weather, heated swimming pools, on the beach, close to shops – and the Flamingo Beach Resort in Lanzarote ticked all of those boxes. 

Lanzarote is a great family destination because not only is it only 4 hours from the UK, but it is warm all year round too. The beaches are beautiful and the views are spectacular. We loved it because there is plenty to do for children, from hiring a pedalo, experiencing a dip in a submarine, visiting the pirate museum and for the old kids, you can do a try dive. The island is also great if you hire a car as it is small enough to get out and explore. 

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Turks and Caicos

by Christine at MyTravelingKids.com

When my girls were ages 3 and 5, we headed to the stunning island of Turks and Caicos. We knew we wanted somewhere we could create some fabulous memories and after researching many islands, we found our perfect match.

We spent most of our time exploring different parts of the coastline. Turks and Caicos has many secluded beaches that have shallow areas, no waves, and crystal clear water. The girls played mermaids in the water most afternoons. The sand was white powder and endless castles were built.

I can’t say enough about how welcoming the locals were to our family. They show such pride in their island and want you to experience all it has to offer. One of our favorite activities was doing a catamaran tour. It was the perfect way to see the island from a new perspective.

We rarely return to a destination twice, since there’s so much of the world we want to see, but we made an exception for Turks and Caicos and actually returned back the following year. It truly was paradise. 

Puerto Rico

by Harmony @ Momma To Go

When my son was one, and then two, we traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a little rest and relaxation! Puerto Rico is such a great place to travel to with little ones because it’s a quick flight from the East Coast (about 3.5 hours from NY) and no passport is required. Also, everyone there speaks English and there are stores like Walgreen’s where you can pick up baby food and diapers!

On both visits, we stayed at the Marriott Stellaris in San Juan. The staff was very accommodating to our family, upgrading us to a suite and providing a pack and play for my son to sleep in. This hotel has a great pool, waterslide and a clean beach (although not swimmable as are many beaches in San Juan). We also hired an experienced nanny through the hotel to afford mom and dad the chance to go out and enjoy some of the great restaurants in San Juan! An easy trip, with beautiful beaches, tropical weather and great people – San Juan should definitely be on your must-do list with the little ones!

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by Jenni of Chilling with Lucas 

We took our son when he was 11 months old to Caleta De Fuste in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. We chose Caleta De Fuste as it is only a 20 minute transfer from the airport. The locals and staff within the hotel were incredibly friendly and child welcoming. There is a large beach and the sea is safe to go in for a paddle or in a floatable child seat. The pavements along the front are flat and perfect for the pram. There are playgrounds and mini golf to play. You could go on a dolphin or whale watching trip or just see the masses of fish swimming in the harbour.


by Karolina of Lazy Travel Blog

Phuket, Thailand was our first overseas trip with Mia. She was 8 months old when we were leaving Europe. We were full of doubts but this adventure turned out to be amazing! During this month in Thailand, she learned how to sit and she even began to take her first steps! We couldn’t believe how fast she was developing while traveling.

Phuket turned out to be very child-friendly. Mia enjoyed our stay there, she felt happy and secure. Maybe because I was still a nursing mom, breastfeeding definitely made her feel like home.

Thai people love kids, so we felt welcomed anywhere we went. Mia was playing in the pool and in the sand. She was napping in a hammock while we could enjoy some time alone. Thailand definitely is one of the best destinations for traveling with a baby!


by Amy of Two Little Pandas

Oahu is a wonderful destination for families with babies because it has (mostly) reliable warm weather and tons of water play! We took our twins to Aulani on Oahu when they were about 11 months old, and loved it! The island has tons of perfect baby-friendly resorts and vacation rentals. The beaches are beautiful and the mix of sand, water, and sun is such a huge sensory experience for babies. They’ll spend hours taking it in.

Hawaiian weather is magnificent – warm enough that babies can enjoy the tropical breeze on their toes, but not so warm that they’ll be uncomfortable in a baby wrap or stroller. Swimming can be tough with babies because they get cold so easily, but the warm Oahu air makes pool play another great activity. You’ll also find tons of great, open-air restaurants, great for dining with kids. We also loved the huge variety of baby-friendly activities like the Dole Plantation, farmers markets, and the Waikiki Aquarium. 

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by Annabel of Smudged Postcard

We visited the Spanish island of Mallorca with our son when he was just six weeks old. Mallorca is a brilliant destination for families: there is plenty of self catering accommodation for families and there are lots of lovely areas to explore. We based ourselves in Pollensa in the north of the island. Pollensa has an attractive old town with interesting shops and plenty of cafes and restaurants.

There are some lovely sandy beaches – including one where we could wheel our buggy on to the sand, very handy. If your baby enjoys a snooze in the car, the drive from Pollensa along the coast and through the Tramuntana Mountains to the pretty town of Soller is a must: the scenery is spectacular.

The island’s capital is perfect for families who prefer to be city-based, Palma has an impressive Gothic cathedral and medieval streets packed with inviting restaurants.


by Sierra of Free to Travel Mama

When looking for the perfect destination to add to your baby’s bucket list, the island of Kauai is a perfect choice. We traveled there as a large family with children ages one to seven, and an amazing time was had by all ages.

The beauty of Kauai allows families to experience an incredible destination even if you just relax on the beach all day. Perfect family-friendly beaches include Poipu Beach Park, Baby Beach, Lydgate Park’s lagoon, and Anini Beach. Toddlers may also enjoy boogie boards with a viewing window so that they can see the fish below too!

The island also offers plenty of family-friendly hikes like Kuilau Ridge Hike and the Wai Koa Loop Trail. These hikes are safe enough even for your toddlers to walk on their own. Kauai is perfect for families with early risers. Head to Shipwreck Beach for a beautiful, peaceful sunrise as the island awakes!

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Go for the culture.


by Jarek of Mini Tribe Travels

We visited Dubrovnik with my son, who was 13 months old at the time. This Croatian city is a great place to take young children. It combines history with beach, sea and amazing food. 

Most of the tourists are attracted by its beautiful old town. Its main roads might be narrow but are fully pedestrianised and easy to navigate even when using a stroller. You will also find here plenty of good family friendly places to eat healthy and tasty Balkan dishes. You can also take a cable car and admire Dubrovnik panorama from the mountain hills.

The part of town that is often missed by the tourists is the Lapad Peninsula. It is a short public bus drive from the town centre. You will find here small beaches, perfect for playing in the sea, seaside playgrounds and family friendly restaurants. It is more relaxed than the old town so our son had plenty of space to explore, enjoy and crawl around. This is also the area where you can see how the locals live.

Around the Lapad peninsula, you will find a long promenade which is ideal for breathtaking sea-views and long walks with a stroller.

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by Katalin of Our Life Our Travel

Singapore is a must-visit bucket destination for families. It was one of our favourite countries we have lived in before kids already, and our opinion didn’t change when we re visited Singapore with our 1.5 year old toddler.

There are numerous attractions to visit in Singapore with a toddler, you definitely won’t be bored after a couple of days in the city. We spent two weeks there this time.

And what are our favourite places? We love the Gardens by the Bay with the spectacular Supertree Grove and its always fun water playground. You can be either active or lazy at Sentosa Island, observe the wildlife in the MacRitchie Reservoir or the Zoo, or go beaching to the Southern Islands.
If you need a break from the outdoors programs, you will always find an air-conditioned space to cool yourselves down at a food court.

Singapore is a clean and safe county with a stroller friendly public transit system that worth visiting with babies and toddlers as well.

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by BackpackersWro

We traveled to Malta together with our 5-month-old son. We decided to go there in the spring when the weather is warm, so we could plan long walks and not very intense sightseeing. We were most afraid of a 3-hour flight, but it wasn’t as bad as we expected.

Malta is an excellent destination for traveling with a baby. Apart from pleasant weather in spring (in summer it is very hot though), there are plenty of places to sit, relax and unwind. During our trip, we focused mainly on outdoor attractions. Mdina and megalithic temples made the biggest impression on us. The best advice we can give parents traveling to Malta with babies is to rent a car. Although in Malta there is left side traffic, which at the beginning was pretty troublesome for us, you travel by car much more comfortably than by public transport.

Don’t forget to take a baby carrier if you have one. It allowed us to enter the places inaccessible to strollers and enjoy our trip even more.

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by Kirsty of World for a Girl

Our very first overseas trip with our eldest was a rail trip around Tuscany, Italy. This photo shows him happily posing in front of the Duomo in Florence. At the time, he was 5 months old. Carrying him around the historic streets of Florence, stopping in al fresco cafes whilst he napped and watching fellow passengers coo over him on the trains showed us just how fun and easy family travel can be. Even in such a touristy city, the locals welcomed him into bars and restaurants.

His habit of waking at sunrise propelled us out of bed early and gave us an amazing opportunity to explore Florence peacefully before the other tourists surfaced from their hotels. Since his Italian adventure, he’s been to over 30 countries but Florence will remain one of our favourite city breaks in Europe. Renowned for its historical and cultural gems, Florence is a fantastic city to explore with kids of all ages.

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by The Family Voyage

We took our daughter to Israel for the first time when she was just over a year old and she had an amazing time! Israel is the perfect place to visit with babies because family life is such an important part of the culture that babies and kids are welcome everywhere. 

Her favorite thing to do in Israel at that age (and now too) was playing in the sand on the beach in Tel Aviv and then settling in for a falafel sandwich for lunch. There are also wonderful places to go strolling on the boulevards and playgrounds everywhere. 

There are wonderful things to do throughout the country – crawling around ancient ruins in Caesarea, making chocolates at a factory in the Golan, and touching the smooth Western Wall in Jerusalem. Start planning your trip with this helpful article on visiting Israel with kids.

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Some destinations are popular for a reason.

Cabo San Lucas

by Diane of Travels with Eli

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is the perfect place for a beach vacation with a baby or toddler.  Our son had just turned one when we first brought him to Cabo San Lucas. We had such a great time that our family went back again the next year. 

Not only does Cabo have a variety of family-friendly resorts and fabulous weather, but there are also plenty of baby and toddler-friendly things to do.  You could stay at your resort the entire time and have a nice, relaxing vacation playing at the pool and beach. Or, you could venture away from your resort to one of the less-crowded public beaches in the area. Palmilla Public Beach is the perfect beach for families. Another option is taking a glass-bottom boat tour to see tropical fish in the ocean and sea lions on the rocks. Toddlers and babies will also be fascinated by the brightly colored arts and crafts at the markets in Cabo San Lucas.


by Ariana at World of Travels with Kids

Our little baby loved her holiday to Thailand when she was 7 months old!  As she was still quite immobile – just rolling around the floor a little bit, it was fairly easy to manage her.   While she does love being in the pool with mumma, she also spent a lot of time watching her older siblings aged 5 & 9 going down water slides and frolicking in the water!

Thailand is a great destination for travelling with babies as it is well touristed and set up for travellers.  In fact, we met another little boy who was also 7 months who was set up on the pool lounger beside us.   His family had the same routine as us – breakfasts, lots of time at the pool, interspersed with trips back to the room (and the air conditioning) for naps. 

The Thai people looooove babies, and one of your biggest problems will actually be that they love them too much!   Sometimes our very chilled bub was overwhelmed with all the attention that she got!

We stayed at resorts in Khao Lak and on Phuket Island itself.  We did do short visits to various different attractions, but in general it was not too taxing on anyone in the family; especially baby.  For us, 7 months old is a great age to travel as long as you adapt your expectations accordingly and make sure they get their feeds regularly and enough sleep!

Some of our stay in Thailand is covered in Phuket with kids.

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by Family Earth Trek

Switzerland is a wonderful place to travel with babies and toddlers! The country might be expensive, but if you can afford to visit with your little one, even just for a few days, I am sure they (and you) will have a blast! 

Switzerland is all about being in mother nature! Hiking is one popular activity here and I know doing it with your kids can sometimes be exhausting! But don’t worry, Switzerland has so many fun child-friendly mountain trails that your toddler will forget that they are even walking! After a walk with your kids on the Swiss mountain, take a dip in the cool rivers and beautiful lakes or explore the gorges and the many waterfalls Switzerland has to offer. If your toddler has a sweet tooth, bring them to one of the famous and delicious Swiss chocolate factories! There are so many fun things to do with your small children in Switzerland! 

So do yourself and your kid a favor, come to Switzerland for a family holiday! They will love you – and Switzerland! 

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Sun Moon Lake

by Nick of Spiritual Travels

When my son was three and my daughter was a mere 11 months, I took them on our first father-son-daughter overnight trip. We lived in Taipei at the time, so I took them to Sun Moon Lake, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Taiwan.

The trip went exceedingly well, and the highlight was definitely riding the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway, a cable car which offers stunning views over the lake. The kids were absolutely thrilled and, impressively, not scared in the slightest.

The most touching thing is that, to this day, riding that cable car is my son’s earliest memory that we are aware of. He still remembers that the cable car we rode in was red!

Taiwan is an extremely kid-friendly country for travel and I would strongly recommend it, no matter what age your little ones are!

See here for more details about Nick’s travels around Taiwan with kids.


by Tairalyn of Tairalyn.com

Whistler, British Columbia (Canada) is our family’s happy place. Beautiful in the Summer and even more stunning in the Winter. We’ve been calling Whistler our home away from home for the last 8 years. It was the first vacation our babies ever went on. They were both 2 months, and we’ve been every year thereafter.

Whistler is the perfect destination for families any time of the year. Winter, however, boasts an ice rink right in the village, toboggan park and even a fire pit to warm up those fingers. Located in the village, surrounded by coffee shops, restaurants and shopping. Days can easily be spent just right here.

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Riviera Maya

by Darla of Fun Fitness Family

When my son was 19 months old, we took him to Riviera Maya, Mexico for our friends’ wedding. Luckily, my parents agreed to join us and help babysit while we attended the wedding festivities at the adults-only Iberostar Grand Paraiso. We stayed at the adjoining family property, the Iberostar Selection Paraiso Maya.

The location is an easy non-stop flight from the Northeast United States and the resort is only 20 minutes from the airport. The beachfront property was perfect for a multi-generational family trip! It is beautifully decorated with statues and stunning temples and structures that shine at night. The property has 9 pools including a lazy river and splash play area, which were both fun with a toddler in tow! There are also 16 restaurants to choose from that included room service available 24/7. The resort also has recreational activities, games, and nightly entertainment, with an early show time option for younger families.

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by Sonja of Migrating Miss

Rhodes was a fantastic destination for a summer family holiday. It has everything we wanted! Travelling later in the season at the end of September meant that it wasn’t quite as hot as it would be in the height of summer – so much better for a baby. We stayed in an apartment in a resort with half board, so we were able to have a big breakfast everyday with lots of options for Baby B, but also had some basics for cooking and sterilizing bottles in our apartment (read more about the realities of traveling with a baby here).

Staying in a resort gave us the option of several different swimming pools and restaurants (all inclusive was available), and direct access to a lovely calm beach where we all went swimming daily. We stayed in the town of Pefkos rather than Rhodes Town, and hired a car so that we could travel to other places around the island, although you could just spend all your time at the resort relaxing!

Baby B was 9 months old when we took the trip, so we were a little constrained by naps, but having a balcony and 2 bedroom apartment meant we didn’t mind relaxing while he napped and it was the hottest time of the day anyway. Rhodes in general was baby-friendly, with everybody being so kind to Baby B and paying him lots of attention. Everywhere we went had highchairs, although not always changing facilities. We would definitely go back! 

Take a Cruise

by Jenni at Cruise Mummy

Cruises can make absolutely brilliant choices for parents with babies and toddlers. We took Adam on his first cruise when he was 6 months old and he loved it from the start. On our last cruise, we went to Spain, Italy and Monaco, and Adam had a great time splashing in the shallow water next to the pool. He loved the toddler splash zone on the ship as well as the soft play area.

Although Adam can be a fussy eater, the buffet had so many choices that he always found lots of things he liked. In the evenings, the complimentary night nursery was open from 6 pm until 2 am so we put him down to sleep in one of the cots before enjoying child-free evenings in peace.

Find out Do you have to pay for babies on cruises? here!

Try somewhere unexpected.


by Tiffany of Just a Pinch of Perfect

Slovenia is the perfect family destination for enjoying gorgeous backdrops and creating unforgettable family memories. Our family visited here this summer with our 5-month-old, and we can’t wait to go back.

A trip to Slovenia will give your children the sense of being in a fairytale as they visit the many dragons within the capital city of Ljubljana, explore the gorgeous castles scattered throughout the little country, play in the warm and picturesque lakes, and enjoy the many outdoor adventures that are available to families. 

Slovenia’s popularity is growing, but it is still a hidden gem in Europe. This photo was taken at Lake Bled. Many say its beauty is superior to the famous Lake Como, but the crowds and prices are friendlier to families.

Slovenia is definitely a destination you don’t want to leave off of your family travel bucket list.


by Sharon of Dive Into Malaysia

When my third baby was 3 months old, I decided it was time for a mummy/baby trip so after our whole family holiday finished in Phuket, the two of us jetted off to Oman for a great few days in Muscat.

Muscat is a stunning city from the whitewashed buildings to the brown hills and the blue sparkling water. It has some good museums, an interesting souq and some gorgeous mosques. It’s a very different slice of the world which is interesting for adults but not as interesting for kids.

So for me, taking a baby was perfect because he was happy as long as he had mum and I was somewhere cool and interesting. My older kids would have been bored.

Another reason this destination is great with babies is that people were very helpful and accommodating. I had no problems any time I approached stairs or needed to get on transport. Someone always materialized to help.

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by Holly of Four Around The World

Poland is one of our favourite family-friendly European destinations. We have been many times. On our most recent trip, our youngest was just 1 and as an early walker, we were grateful to spend our time somewhere less crowded.

Polish people are friendly and welcoming, plus there are a lot of beautiful outdoor spaces to enjoy.                 

Our trip on this occasion was during the summer months for a family wedding, and it took us from Croatia, Hungary to Poland, starting first in beautiful Gdansk. 

Following Gdansk, we spent around one week in Bialystok, where this photo was taken. This is not a big tourist destination, yet it has a lot of fun things to do as a family and is a perfect spot to enjoy the Polish culture and delicious food. 

We ended our stay in Warsaw for a few days before flying back home to Australia. 


by Jenny of TraveLynn Family

India isn’t an obvious destination to travel with a toddler. But in 2017 an opportunity arose to move to Bangalore with my husband’s work and we ended up spending a year in India with our two boys who were 22 months and 3.5 years old when we first moved out.

Being the travel loving family that we are, we took every available opportunity to travel India as a family. Every few weeks we were away on an overnight sleeper train or off on a flight. India can be hard work at the best of times (check out our tips for travelling India with kids), but travelling with very little ones breaks down those barriers and even the harshest haggling tuk-tuk driver would break into a smile around our boys. Every day was an adventure!

This photo was taken on a weekend trip to Hampi. Ez is exactly 2 years old here as we visited for his birthday. He loved exploring the ruins of Hampi that day, but his best bit was getting to drive the tuk-tuk around (with a little help from our driver).

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by Simon of Family Travel Planet

Bulgaria is a destination, often forgotten amongst other beautiful countries with a long history of tourism.

I have spent more than a total of 20 weeks as both tourist and tourist-guide in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria – so I think I am allowed to speak to the qualities and disadvantages.

The worst thing is, especially near Sunny Beach, there is just too much exciting stuff to go see as parents. But for the kids, staying in France, Italy or at a resort in Bulgaria is quite the same. And here is the thing, it is way less expensive to visit Bulgaria than one of the aforementioned countries.

You are almost guaranteed great weather, and if you are looking for a nice, cheap and family-friendly stay, Bulgaria is really worth including in your next holiday research.

Go for the landmarks.

Burj Khalifa

by Keri of Family Travel Middle East

Living only one city away from the tallest tower in the world certainly means our kids have grown up with their fair share of bucket-list worthy moments! Moving to the UAE in 2012, not long after our second baby was born – and the Burj Khalifa opened its doors – it’s become an iconic trek for us to take our little ones and visitors to enjoy the panoramic views from the 125th floor, then take on some of Dubai’s most famous sights beneath: the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, a plethora of toy stores and the iconic Burj Fountain and music show every evening. 

Dubai is a serious toddlers’ paradise and we are so grateful all three of our children have been able to experience this from such a young age.  This is our oldest Miss Z at 2 years old enjoying her very first Burj Khalifa visit. You can see the iconic Burj al Arab hotel along the beach front in the background!

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Olympic National Park

by Catherine of Traveling with the Littles

Olympic National Park is excellent for families because it has various climates and terrains including mountains, beaches, meadows, and rainforests – something for every interest.

We visited Olympic National Park when our son was eighteen months old, and I think it is a good park for any aged child.  We used Port Angeles as our base and visited Hurricane Ridge, the Pacific Beaches, and the Hoh Rainforest areas.   What we loved most about Olympic was the diversity of the different regions and the opportunity for kids to explore distinct climates in a short space of time.  My favorite area was the Hoh Rainforest, and our son’s favorite was the Pacific Beaches.

The Pacific Beaches are great for all ages and skill levels as some require no hiking, some require a short hike, and some are further afield; you can select a beach that suits your interest.  The beaches are beautiful, and babies can play for hours in the sand and the shallow tidepools.

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Neuschwanstein Castle

by Tiffany of Mommy And Me Travels

Neuschwanstein Castle is a must visit when traveling through Europe with your kids.  Most kids will easily recognize it as there is a replica at Disney World and in several Disney movies.  This castle draws more visitors per year than any other.  Mommy And Me Travel visited with our two kids, ages 1 and 5 at the time.

Traveling with your kids there is easier than most will think.  Hint: make sure you purchase your tickets for Neuschwanstein Castle at the bottom of the hill near the parking area.  When purchasing tickets you select which language (German or English) for the tour you’d like to take, which also secures your time slot.

Now that you know when your tour of this magical castle will take place, you have to get to the top.  I highly recommend not walking up the hill.  You and your kids will both be tired before you even get started.  Decide if you’d like to take the bus or a horse drawn carriage. My boys loved the horse ride and it only took about 11 minutes.

Once your tour starts, it is like stepping into a fairy tale from your childhood or your kids will love that they get a sneak peak inside this beautiful castle from the movies they watch everyday now.  This is definitely a do not miss family adventure when you are traveling around Europe and within Germany.  Read the full review from Mommy And Me Travels at Visit Neuschwanstein With Kids.   

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I hope you are inspired to get out there and visit new, incredible places with your baby! Let me know your dream destination in the comments!

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  1. What a cute post. Some of my best travel memories are from the baby stage. It takes a dose of courage to take bub on big travels but it’s not as hard as everyone thinks and these photos show how wonderful it can be.

    • Yes! Once you get over the initial fear of traveling with a baby, it’s quite enjoyable and – dare I say – easy! (Easier than traveling with a toddler, at least!)

  2. We certainly travelled with our kids when they were babies. Even if they did not remember it 🙂 Beach destinations were always a great idea for our water babies. I might be a bit concerned about travelling in Thailand with babies since I got a dreadful two week stomach bug when I was there. And a spot like Whistler is indeed a great year round family destination. Glad that having small ones is not slowing down your travel.

    • I’ve also experienced a bad stomach bug while in Thailand! Luckily, our babe was 4 months and breastfed at the time, so she did not suffer like my husband and myself. You have to be extra careful with babies!

  3. What a well travelled bunch of littlies! Although they’re all probably too young to remember these trips I believe that travel has a way of making people better. You become so much more open and tolerant of the variety of cultures and ways of doing things on this planet. I’m sure these experiences will be imprinted on young folk forever even if they can’t consciously remember it.

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