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Playgrounds are an essential part of any community. They are a place for kids to develop social skills, physical awareness and strength, and make friendships. Nothing makes my kids happier than saying we’re heading to the playground, whether here at home or traveling the world!

But not all playgrounds are created equal. We’ve seen some amazing playgrounds on our travels, and it inspired me to reach out to other travel bloggers to see what they’ve come across, as well.

From the unique, to the massive, to the incredibly scenic: here are some of the coolest playgrounds that you can find all around the world!

Herzliya Park : Tel Aviv, Israel

wide angle view of herzliya park

I’ll start off with what is arguably my very favorite playground in the world: the main playground at Herzliya Park. And yes, this isn’t even the only playground in the park – there are several within this 180 acre park!

But I’ve never seen a playground that compares to the sheer size (and slide quantity!) of Herzliya Park playground. It would be impressive if just for the climbing walls and nets, variety of styles of swings, endless rope bridges and tunnels, massive toddler play area, and more. But the truly amazing thing about this park is all the slides.

Ranging in size from baby-friendly to the 26-ft. straight slide in the center of the playground, any little one who loves slides will be thrilled at this park. My 2-year-old certainly was!

You can read all about Herzliya Park here!

Dragon Hollow : Missoula, Montana

By Cath of Passports and Adventures

One of the coolest playgrounds we have visited with our son was the Dragon Hollow playground in Missoula, Montana. Situated in Caras Park in the city, this awesome playground consists mostly of a huge treehouse structure with climbing platforms, slides, swing bridges and more. It also has a three-headed dragon, hence the name.

The playground was a community-based project which took advice from the experts in the planning stages: students of local grade schools were consulted as to what they wanted in a playground. The result was Dragon Hollow. The playground was upgraded and expanded in 2019 to include more wheel-chair accessible areas.

We visited with our then three-year-old son and promptly lost him in the maze that is the huge treehouse! It was such a cool structure, I wished I were small enough to go in it. As well as the treehouse, slides and swing bridges, there were several sets of swings and right beside it you can find the Carousel for Missoula, both of which are brilliant things to do with kids in Missoula. The playground is free to enter, and you will have a hard time dragging your kids away from it.

Gulliver Park : Valencia, Spain

By Or of My Path in the World

Photo by The Round the World Guys

Located in the Turia Gardens in the beautiful Spanish city of Valencia, Gulliver Park is a unique playground in the shape of, you guessed it, Gulliver!

This 70-meter-long (almost 230 feet) figure of the iconic literary character lying on the ground will make you and your kids feel like real-life Lilliputians. You’ll find ramps, slides, and stairs incorporated into the large-scale figure, and I can guarantee that even as adults, you’ll want to climb up and slide down.

Since you can’t properly see the entire figure from the ground, inside Gulliver’s hat, you’ll find a small model of the park as if you were to see it from above.

KLCC Playground : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

By Sharon of Dive Into Malaysia

If you are looking for the coolest playgrounds around the world, it’s hard to beat KLCC Park. Located in the absolute centre of Kuala Lumpur (KLCC = Kuala Lumpur City Centre), this huge playground is also surrounded by many of Kuala Lumpur’s attractions including the iconic Petronas Twin Towers.

This playground seemingly goes on and on with so much play equipment. What adds to the enjoyment is that there is also a water playground and pool area – perfect for cooling off as KL is hot and humid year round.

The best time to visit is in the late afternoon/early evening when many local families visit as well. This gives it a great vibe and it feels like you are experiencing Malaysia, not just hanging out at a playground. There are plenty of places to eat nearby to get some dinner afterwards or to have a picnic in the park. There are also many kid friendly attractions surrounding the park including Petrosains Discovery Centre (a science museum) and Aquaria KLCC (KL’s aquarium).

Check out more fun things to do in Kuala Lumpur here!

Superkilen : Copenhagen, Denmark

By Anjali of Travel Melodies

In the heart of a multicultural neighborhood of Nørrebro in Copenhagen, Superkilen is about 0.60 miles long public park and playground that aims to celebrate the diversity of Nørrebro.

About 108 global objects from 60 nations call Superkilen their home. From Octopus slides from Tokyo, an elephant from Chernobyl, neon signs from Moscow, a beautiful fountain from Morocco, a sculpture from Japan, to the climbing ropes at Green Park – Superkilen is by far the most unique and coolest park we’ve ever visited.

The park is divided into three distinct sub-parks – The Red Square, the Black Market, and the Green Park. The Red Square, with its boho cafes and live performances, is the hub of the park.

The Black Market, with its Moroccan fountain, swings, benches, and distinctive modern art street, is a great place to relax, socialize, or observe the local life. Young kids love the Black Market because of swings and ample space to run around.

My daughter loved playing in the water, sliding down the Octopus from Japan, climbing the Black Market hill so much so that we ended up visiting Superkilen every evening during our time in Copenhagen.

The Green Park, as the name suggests, is a lush green space. This green area is home to diverse sports fields, including an outdoor gym, making it a perfect place for older kids.

Europe’s strangest public park and playground – Superkilen needs to be on your Copenhagen itinerary, especially if you’re traveling with kids.

Kamalani Playground : Kauai, Hawaii

baby in a wagon in the playground at lydgate park

If you’re looking for a unique, old-school, and community-built playground, then definitely don’t miss Kamalani playground at Lydgate State Park on the island of Kauai.

This extensive all-wood playground stands out for it’s crazy, almost Gothic architecture. The slides are built into the inside of the structure in a way that feels organic, and you can find amazing mosaic sculptures throughout.

When you tire of playing at the playground, wander to the other side of the parking lot, where you’ll find one of the most family-friendly beaches on Kauai.

You can read more about Kamalani playground and Lydgate Park here!

Gyarah Seedhi Park : Agra, India

By Madhurima of Orange Wayfarer, a sustainable cultural travel blog

I visited the Taj Mahal, basked in her glory for the whole day and decided to visit Mehtab Bagh on the opposite bank. We were on the way back from Fatehpur Sikri, one of the best and safest places to visit in India, and scooted fast to make it to Mehtab Bagh before 6 pm to catch the last iconic sunset over the Taj Mahal! We failed.

To make it up, we were maneuvering our way to get close to the river bank when by serendipity we stopped by the Gyarah Seedhi Park. At the end of the park, stands a mystic well and an unfinished ladder, both remnants of the Mughal era but we were taken aback by the sprawling play field where children were practising cricket! The Taj Mahal loomed large at the background but they ignored its presence and beauty nonchalantly!

If you ask me, it was funny! As a tourist, I could not take my eyes off the Taj Mahal. Then there are these children rejoicing in the most loved game of India, cricket and not paying heed at all to the Taj Mahal, florid in the setting sun! How is that even possible?

The Gyarah Seedhi Park is a large chunk of open land adjoining the protected area of the Taj Mahal. The public property is green. Several small groups play cricket on it. Gyarah Seedhi Park remains open all day every day and does not charge anything to enter.

Southbank playground, Brisbane

By Melissa of Queensland Camping

The most visited place in Brisbane is the gorgeous Southbank Parklands, located along the banks of the Brisbane River.  Southbank is also home to one of the best Brisbane playgrounds which is appropriately called the Riverside Green.

The Riverside Green has a stack of interactive equipment for kids of all ages, including a separate toddler zoned area.  The playground has giant slides, skywalk, bridges, climbing equipment, giant hamster wheel, spinning wheel and swings.  It can get a little hectic here at times though, so best visited on a weekday or early in the morning.

If your kids are after a quieter playground, there is also Picnic Playground.  This is in a quieter setting but still has plenty of equipment for the kids including swings, slides, cubby house etc.

Regardless of which playground you visit, don’t forget to bring your swimmers so the kids can play in the huge man-made lagoon and beach as well as play with the various interactive water equipment.  There is a stack of cafes nearby for some lunch as well as plenty of picnic facilities if you bring your own food.

Landscape Alley Park : Kiev, Ukraine

By Roshni of The Wanderlust Within

The capital of Ukraine, Kiev, is home to one of the most unusual children’s playgrounds I’ve come across on my travels. 

Landscape Alley Park is situated on one of the most famous walkways in the city. The  playground is made up of huge sculptures covered in mosaics, designed in the form of characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Think giant Cheshire cats, a huge caterpillar, fountains in the form of elephants, and a magic rabbit with climbing frames and slides built around them.

The children’s park is made for admiring as much as playing, so a number of the animal sculptures also double up as benches for visitors to relax on.

Fox Hill Park : Las Vegas, Nevada

By Corritta of Itz a Family Thing

While in Las Vegas with our toddler we discovered an amazing playground. Fox Hill Park is a fun playground found 20 minutes from the Las Vegas strip. This playground is so much fun. It is like a mini amusement park. There are huge interesting colorful climbing structures, zipline, pogo jumps, balancing stones, spinning monkey bars, and slides. Your kids could easily spend an entire afternoon here and not get bored. I will caution you the spiral slide is extremely fast. If your kids are under 4 the large slide may be too fast for them. 

I must admit the climbing structures are built especially for kids. I tried to climb on one of the structures as a 30-year old mom and let’s just say I felt it the next morning. I did ride on the zipline without falling, so that was a victory. 

The bonus thing about this park is the restrooms are clean. Your kids can go without you having to worry about a filthy bathroom. The only drawback is the lack of a changing table, but I forgive them since the park is so much fun. 

Fitzgerald Park : Cork, Ireland

Celine of Family Can Travel

We’ve seen our share of playgrounds around the world and yet, we were pleasantly surprised by the Fitzgerald Park Playground in Cork, Ireland. In fact, this playground might rank as one of the best we’ve seen. Not only is this playground huge, but it has something for kids of all ages. You’ll find the usual crowd pleasers like swings and see-saws, but there are also climbing walls, a large castle and a fun sunken ship. It’s constructed primarily of wood with metal railings and slides, with sand, wood chips and recycled tires on the surrounding ground area. This playground has so many options for kids to play on and it’s so big, you’ll get your exercise running around trying to keep an eye on your kiddos!

If you are traveling to Ireland with kids, then there’s a good chance you’ll be on the search for a good playground. Put this one on your list!

Artists at Play Playground : Seattle, Washington

By Stephanie of Explore More Clean Less

The Artists At Play playground in Seattle, Washington is unforgettable, with a unique design and memorable setting. While kids swing, run up hills, and make music, parents can look up at the space needle and watch folks get off the monorail. There are two main climbing areas so kids of all ages have something to do, but the showstopper is a tall, metallic structure with multiple slides, nets, and bridges to explore. It has several accessible features and inclusive swing so everyone can enjoy their time playing! See more pictures and details of the Seattle Center playground in this blog post here.

Charles Bridge Playground : Prague, Czech Republic

By David of Delve in Europe

I had crossed the Charles Bridge in Prague many times going back to the early 1990s, but had never noticed a playground there until I visited there with my son recently.

The playground is right next to the bridge arches on the Mala Strana (Lesser Town) side of the city, and has an amazing view across to Prague Old Town, with its skyline of spires, domes and church towers.

It’s a fairly simple playground, with two high slide towers, several mini-rides for toddlers, a sandpit, a couple of trees to climb and a hedgerow-cum-hideout. It’s also close to several coffee shops, and you can buy a trdlo chimney cake to share on one of the benches.

Many of the kids playing there are too young to really appreciate the setting, but my five-year-old loves going there to gaze across the river at the Old Town. We went there on our first outing after lockdown, and he gazed wistfully across the river and said,”I’ve missed this place Dad. I love this playground.” 

Margaret Mahy Playground : Christchurch, New Zealand

By Jennifer from Backyard Travel Family: Active Family Travel Specialists in New Zealand

The Margaret Mahy Playground in Christchurch, New Zealand is the largest playground in New Zealand and in fact, the Southern Hemisphere.  It was built after the devastating Christchurch City earthquake and is part of the regeneration projects to bring the city back to life.  It was named after a famous New Zealand childrens author, Margaret Mahy.

Located in the central city, the playground has two incredible large slides (amongst others), a flying fox, numerous climbing frames, as well as a large sandpit area and splash pad.  The splash pad is awesome for young kids as they can explore without worrying they will go too deep.  The water area also has some great pipes and dam constructions for your little engineer to explore.  It really is a playground for all ages to enjoy (even big kids at heart as there is lighting at night).

Allmendhubel Flower Playground : Murren, Switzerland

By Shanna of There and Back Again Family Travel Blog

The Allmendhubel Flower Playground is located above the small village of Murren Switzerland. Murren is only accessible by cable car because it is located high above the Lauterbrunnen Valley near Interlaken in the Swiss Alps.  

The scenery that is the backdrop for this unique playground is what makes the adventurous journey to get here completely worthwhile.  When we got off of the short funicular ride above the village of Murren to get to the playground, a perfect 180 degree alpine vista spread out before us.  To make the scenery even more perfect, we even had a herd of those beautiful alpine cows wander by while we were playing!  

The playground itself was made of the simple sorts of things that kids seem to love most – wooden balance beams, climbing nets, a zip line, a tall metal slide and a super cool tunnel through the hill.  We wished that we could have spent more time here.  Grab a picnic from the small COOP grocery store in Murren at the bottom of the funicular and plan to spend at least a couple hours soaking in the amazing alpine scenery.  

Pjazza San Pawl Playground : St. Paul’s Bay, Malta

I’ll end it with one of the craziest playgrounds that we have encountered on our travels. Located outside of the Malta National Aquarium, the Pjazza San Pawl playground is fairly small, but impressively true to it’s nautical theme.

All of the structures are designed as sea creatures and submarines! And they really went all out – there is not a single piece of play equipment here that doesn’t fit the theme. Our 2 year old loved gazing down through the portholes as kids ran and climbed below her.

With a view out over the Mediterranean, the scenery doesn’t get too much better than this. And just outside of the playground is a plaza with a great cafe and some water fountains to splash in. Don’t miss it if you’re in Malta with a toddler!

Have you just added any of these cool playgrounds around the world to your family travel bucket list? Or do you know of an amazing one that none of us had yet discovered? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. This is a great curated list of cool playgrounds. It is an unusual subject and at the same time interesting. What a range of different playgrounds from around the world, and each one is unique in character. The one in Kuala Lumpur is so cool, and the one in India, a playground with a view of the Taj is amazing.

  2. These are some pretty cool playgrounds! I’ve been passed the one at Brisbane and Christchurch, they’re always really busy with families so they’re definitely popular!

  3. I remember I always loved the parks that had water. But that Herzliya Park playground looks insane. If I had kids, I would definitely take them there. I’m assuming it’s free since it’s a park, but it almost looks like a place where an entrance fee is involved 😅

    • Yes, it is so fabulous! All of these are (surprisingly!) free parks. It is amazing the resources that some cities provide for their families!


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