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Best Family-Friendly Airbnbs in Tel Aviv

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Planning a trip to Tel Aviv with kids?

I’m jealous.

When we visited with a baby and toddler in tow, I did not have much by way of expectations. Not that I had low expectations, I just… didn’t have any. We were tagging along on a work trip with my husband, and looking forward to the half of the trip that came after Israel.

But then we were blown away by how amazing it was to visit Tel Aviv with young kids!

If you’re thinking about where to stay in Tel Aviv with kids, and considering whether an Airbnb is a good option, you’re in the right place. Tel Aviv has an amazing selection of family-friendly Airbnbs!

I almost always prefer Airbnbs to hotels when we travel with kids. You get more space, a kitchen, often a laundry machine, baby supplies, and they are usually significantly cheaper than a comparable hotel room.

Yes, there are some trade-offs. There is no room service, and you might not feel quite so pampered when you have to make your own bed. But I have always felt that the trade-offs are well worth the benefits that come with staying in an Airbnb.

tel aviv beach at sunset
Those Mediterranean sunsets. Tel Aviv is chock-full of amazing beaches.

Best Neighborhoods in Tel Aviv for Families

Where should you stay in Tel Aviv with kids? There are a few different neighborhoods to consider. This list is not exhaustive by any means, but here are some of the popular places to stay and which ones I think are the most family-friendly for visitors.

Neve Tzedek: This hip neighborhood is super cool and fun to wander, but not ideal to stay with young ones. There is a lot to see and a lot going on, but it can feel a bit chaotic – and loud! – in the evenings. Certainly don’t miss checking out this area (and the Old Train Station while you’re there), but I wouldn’t love to stay here with little ones.

girl standing on railroad tracks in old train station tel aviv
The Old Train Station… where it’s perfectly acceptable to drink wine and let your children play on the train tracks! (Trains stopped running here in 1948. Now it is full of cafes and boutique shops!)

Tel Aviv-Yafo by the beach: this is the heart of the tourist area. There is endless entertainment, tons of food options, and it is easy to get to cultural attractions. You’ll be by the beach, in a modern accommodation, with easy transportation. This is a great choice for families.

Old Town Jaffa: The old town has a lot of cool sights to see, is a little calmer than Neve Tzedek, and still has easy access to the beach. There are parks and gardens and lots of beautiful scenery. This is also a good choice for families.

Herzliya: Herzliya is not technically in Tel Aviv… it is a suburb located about 20 minutes north of downtown Tel Aviv. This is actually where we stayed. I included our Airbnb below… it’s the one called “Exclusive apartment on the beach” and I highly recommend it! The photo at the very top of this post is from this Airbnb.

We loved staying in Herzliya because we were right on a nice quiet beach, very short walking distance from lots of great restaurants, and it did not feel quite as fast-paced as staying in the city. (I’ve always felt a bit overwhelmed in big cities, but that is just me.)

Plus Herzliya Park has one of the best playgrounds I have ever seen!

That being said, we went to Tel Aviv each day. I could walk by myself with my baby and toddler, get on the bus, and be in the city in 20 minutes. Or we could easily catch a cab outside of the Airbnb. For us, this was a perfect balance.

woman in sunglasses smiling with baby on back in carrier and toddler in uppababy minu stroller in a bus stop
Waiting at the bus stop to head into Tel Aviv. My husband was working, so we spent our days exploring the city and then would meet up with him after work.

Where to stay in Tel Aviv with kids

I’ve picked out what I think are some really great Airbnbs in Tel Aviv.

How I choose Airbnbs: I only choose homes owned by Superhosts, with loads of positive reviews. I’ve chosen places with at least 1 bedroom, a kitchen, and laundry. If I loved where we stayed, I always include that! As I mentioned before, you can find where we staying in the Herzliya list below.

These are all places that I would personally strongly consider booking, in a few different price ranges. And I have stayed in dozens of Airbnbs with kids, so I know what I’m looking for.

I don’t only list places with a crib or high chair, so be sure to double check for that if you are bringing a baby and need those items. I also don’t check on things like stairs or balconies… be sure to consider child safety before you book anything, based on the needs of your family. You can read more about babyproofing your Airbnb here.

Tel Aviv has so many amazing options for places to stay. Please let me know if you have any questions down below in the comments, and good luck finding the perfect Tel Aviv accommodation for your family!

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