baby in veer cruiser at the beach

Traveling with a Veer Wagon

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Are you thinking about traveling with your Veer Cruiser? Or still considering whether to purchase one? Read on for an honest Veer wagon review after 3 years of owning it, and how it performs at the beach and while traveling!

When we first bought the Veer stroller wagon (the Veer Cruiser) it was as an alternative to a double stroller. It has the capability to click in an infant seat, but also the functionality of a wagon, and we thought it would serve our needs for much longer than a double stroller would.

Add to that an ease of steering that rivals the double stroller that we had before, the fact that it folds down to fit easily in my trunk, not to mention the sheer beauty of it, and the Veer has quickly become our regular double stroller. We bring it everywhere!

toddler and car seat in veer cruiser wagon
She’s still excited every time we use it.

What we did not anticipate was how amazing the Veer wagon would perform for travel.

When I bought it, I didn’t even consider it as a possibility for travel. Truth be told, we are incredibly light packers (usually traveling carry on only with a baby and toddler), and I generally prefer to babywear when traveling instead of bringing a stroller.

Veer Cruiser - Black Comfort

But on our most recent trip to Kauai, we were traveling a little differently than we usually do. We would have a car, and we were bringing a lot of extra stuff. I decided to bring the Veer wagon along.

I was very happy with that choice, and here are all the reasons why.

A note on links: Most of the product links in this article are to Veer’s website. They have awesome, free 2-day shipping, and that’s where I purchased mine. They also have a great military discount, if that applies to you. However, you can usually also find the Cruiser and some of the accessories on Amazon.

baby and toddler at the beach with veer cruiser
Aloha, beaches!

In the airport

We knew that we would be renting a car in Hawaii, so we needed to bring both car seats with us. This was before my oldest was big enough for the RideSafer Travel Vest, which has made a world of difference in the amount of stuff we have to bring nowadays.

We were traveling as part of a wedding party, so we had more baggage than we would typically carry. We even checked a bag! The horror, I know.

I dreaded the idea of carrying an 8-month-old, a 2.5-year-old, 2 car seats, 3 carry-on bags and 3 personal items through the airport. But the Veer made all that super easy.

baby in car seat in veer cruiser traveling in airport with bags
Just looking at all the stuff in this photo makes me anxious.

For the record, we use (and LOVE) the Cosco Scenera Next as our travel car seats. They’re under 50 bucks, FAA approved, fit easily in any plane, and they’re only 7 pounds. And they fit nicely into the Veer!

man wearing backpack holding car seat and pulling wagon at TSA with baby in another carseat in the wagon
Waiting in the security line.

I will admit that I was a little nervous about using the Veer at the airport. I’m in a Veer Facebook group (yup, that’s how much I love this thing), and there have been a few instances where airline employees have refused to gate-check the Veer wagon because it doesn’t look like a stroller. This is rare, thankfully.

There is one airline to watch out for, though: American Airlines. They have a 20 lb maximum weight for any stroller, and will not allow families to gate check anything over that. If you are flying American, expect to check your Veer at the counter. This is not just about wagons, though – most strollers are not allowed through on AA because of this restriction and it is one of the reasons that AA is just not very family-friendly.

Thankfully AA is an outlier, and most airlines specifically include folding wagons in their list of gate-check-able baby items. American is the online airline I know of with a weight limit (but correct me in the comments if you encounter one!!)

If you want to double-check, go ahead and do a google search of [your airline] stroller weight limit. I tried this on several major US airlines and saw no restrictions.

I was even nervous about going through security, like they might not allow it through if they didn’t think it was a stroller. This was nonsense, as TSA agents are not the ones who make the call whether or not to gate-check an item, but I made it a point to continually refer to it as our “stroller” just in case.

According to the TSA website, strollers and similar baby items need to pass through the X-ray machine. And if they don’t fit, TSA agents will perform a visual inspection.

When we went through security (with no issues, of course), we just unloaded everything onto the belt and pulled out the baby. We pointed out our “stroller” to the TSA agent, who pulled it through and inspected it. Easy peasy!

Once we got to our gate, we loaded it into the travel bag and rolled it to the gate-check area like any other stroller.

As a bassinet

The best part of owning a Veer is accessorizing it. This thing can play so many different roles, depending on the accessories you want!

We bought the nap system for this trip. It’s an attachment that turns the wagon into a JPMA safety-certified bassinet. No need to bring a pack-n-play or pay to rent a crib! (Crib rental for $50/night is pretty standard for many of the places we’ve stayed – no thanks!)

Even though we stayed at 3 different locations during this trip, our baby had the same bed wherever we were.

Typically when we travel and we do not bring the Veer, we use the Joovy Gloo (read my full review here) for this very reason. It is a huge comfort for the baby to have a familiar place to sleep, and I don’t like to rent cribs that are sometimes dirty or even unsafe. However, because we had the nap system in the wagon, we left our Joovy at home for this trip.

baby sitting in veer cruiser on the nap system
Sitting up on the nap system for the ride to the park.

On the go

I didn’t expect to use the nap system outside of the hotel, but we ended up leaving it in for almost the whole trip. Wherever we went, we had a place to lay the baby down for a nap.

baby asleep in the nap system of a veer cruiser
Passed out after playing in the pool.

At the beach, she could sleep safe and sound and away from the sand.

At restaurants, I could nurse her to sleep and then lay her down.

She even managed to sleep on a long, bumpy walk to the park!

Even when she wasn’t sleeping, both girls could use the wagon with the nap system in. She is a pretty solid sitter at 8 months, and she learned quickly how to hold onto the sides to steady herself over rough terrain. And let’s be honest – those massive wheels help smooth the ride out anyway.

Our older daughter enjoyed sitting in there with her, and we could even fit a bag in between them if they were both sitting up, and another on the handlebars.

We’ve also brought the Veer on trips closer to home. Anytime we drive to our destination, we bring the wagon. It is just a much easier way to get around with two kids who are both too small to walk a good portion of the day. I loved having the Veer when we drove up to Vancouver, and they could relax while we explored all over downtown!

woman with toddler and baby in veer wagon walking along plaza
Cruising around Gastown in Vancouver.

At the beach and pool

When we stayed at an Airbnb that had a full supply of beach equipment, we took advantage! It was a breeze to throw everything into the wagon, carry the baby, and haul it all to the shore.

brightly colored beach set up with umbrella, chairs, veer cruiser, toddler, and baby
Our perfect beach set-up!

The Veer performed beautifully over packed sand. High, soft sand was a little bit of a challenge, but doable if the kids were not in there (too bumpy), and if we pulled rather than pushed. Still a much better experience than trying to push a stroller over soft sand!

baby in a veer cruiser reaching for a bottle of wine
You play with toys. This is mine.

When we got to the beach and got set up, we left the nap system in so that the baby would have a safe, comfortable place to play with toys while we enjoyed our beach time. Umbrella or no, we had the canopies so that she would always have shade.

When we went to the pool at the resort, it was so easy to put both kids in the wagon, grab our pool bag and floatie toys, and roll down there.

Once there, again, we had a comfortable place for the baby to play and nap, and we did not need to worry about her roaming off the lounge chair or toward the water.

Accessories we brought, and how we transported them

Nap system

An absolute lifesaver for travel with a baby. Perfect for sleeping at night, and on the go! I know some parents prefer to create their own “nap system” by putting a folded blanket or a blow-up cushion in the foot well. I might have opted to try this if we weren’t also using it for nighttime sleeping, but I am thankful that we had the nap system with us. We used it the whole time.

We brought this as a carry-on item. It would fit in a large suitcase if you wanted it to.

It is worth noting that you cannot fold down the Veer with the nap system attached. We were able to load it into our large rental vehicle (a Nissan Armada) without disassembling at all – nap system and canopies still attached.

mother smiling with baby sleeping in veer cruiser
This baby is PTFO.


We brought two, and we were very thankful for them. Some parents complain that the canopies don’t fully shade, and there were times when the baby was sleeping in there that we had to use a hat to shade her mid-section. But I love being able to flip the canopies up or down easily, and the airflow that still gets into the wagon with them up.

We brought both canopies in our single checked bag. They don’t take up much suitcase space because they fold up to essentially just a U-shaped frame. Just be sure your bag is wide enough (we had to flex them a bit to fit them in our 23×16 bag – 23 inches is plenty long, but 16 was barely wide enough).

Bug shield

We brought this (it came with the nap system), but never ended up using it because I forgot we had it. It would have been helpful if the baby was already asleep in the wagon as darkness fell, but that was never really the case anyway. And because she would be in and out all the time, we just sprayed her with bug repellent and were fine.

We kept this in the nap system to carry-on. It takes up almost no space.

Travel bag

veer cruiser travel bag in airport

This is important. I’ve read stories of other parents whose Veers were scratched or broken when they gate-checked. And some airlines will not take responsibility for an item if it is gate-checked instead of counter-checked. To me, it is not worth that risk.

The travel bag is strong and well-padded, and it folds up to fit in the foot well, making it easy to take through the airport. Once at the gate, it is quick and easy to pack up.

Many parents recommend “padding the brake” before gate checking – leave it unlocked, but then surround the brake mechanism with a towel to protect it. We did not do this, and were fine, but it definitely would not hurt.

Toddler seat

This is the one accessory that I regret bringing! The toddler seat is great for babies that can sit up, but can’t ride in the wagon without a 5-point harness. I thought we would use this a lot on the trip, like at home, but we never did.

Because we ended up leaving the nap system in place the whole time, the toddler seat stayed in the rental car, unused. Even in the airport, it was easier to just keep the baby in the car seat and plop that into the wagon, rather than transfer her to the toddler seat.

We left this attached to the Veer inside of the travel bag for the flight over there, and shoved it into our carry-on bag on the way home.

toddler and baby with veer cruiser at sunset
Showing off their matchy-matchy outfits.

Accessories we left at home

Infant car seat adapter: this thing is a big part of the reason why I chose the Veer wagon! But we did not bring the bucket car seat, so no need for this on our trip.

Foldable storage basket: this would have been nice to have, but ultimately I did not want to have another item to carry. We got along fine without it.

Cup holders and snack tray: these come with the Veer, but we left them at home. Again, one more thing that we didn’t want to shove in our carry-on and that we could live without.

I consider us to be pretty minimalist travelers, so when I started to consider bringing the Veer, it seemed like a terrible idea. But we literally took it everywhere with us and used it all day, every day. And every night, for that matter.

baby wearing roshambo baby sunglasses in veer cruiser on the beach
The most bad ass baby on the beach, for sure.

I don’t think I would bring it just for the airport, although it was super helpful there. But for a destination where you have a rental car, or are within walking distance of the activities that you want to spend your time doing, it is an absolute dream to travel with.

Check out the Cruiser at or find the Veer Cruiser on Amazon here! And let me know in the comments if you have any questions, or if you have experience traveling with your Veer!

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Originally published in May, 2019. Updated in July, 2022.


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29 thoughts on “Traveling with a Veer Wagon”

  1. We are considering getting the veer and have a trip to Hawaii planned for October. I love your review and has for sure inspired me!
    Where did you end up staying? Trying to find the best beach for little people while still being able to enjoy paradise.
    Did you find the airlines or hotels had issues with your wagon or they treated it just like they would a stroller?

    • I’m so glad to hear that I’ve helped inspire you! I absolutely LOVE my Veer, as you can tell. We were on Kauai, and ended up staying most of the time down by Poipu, and a little bit near Kapaa. Poipu overall is incredibly family friendly and laid back, and has an awesome toddler beach. But our favorite beach had to be Lydgate. Good for kids and adults, nice shade from the palm trees, and an amazing playground. If you’re planning to do Kauai, I wrote a lot about where we stayed here: Kauai – Know Before You Go.
      The airlines and hotels that we encountered have been great with the Veer, treating it just as they would a stroller. But I know some people do have trouble with airlines saying it’s not a stroller, and refusing to gate check. I’m part of a facebook group called “Veer- Pronto Talk, Bst” that I highly recommend if you want lots of opinions about the Veer. People post all the time about their experiences traveling with it. Very few and far between are the people who have negative experiences, but it definitely made me nervous before taking it the first time!
      Thank you for reading!

    • Hello! We left it as is for security (just took everything out of course), and told them “it’s our stroller”, and they treated it the same way they would any large stroller. They had me set it off to the side, and they checked it closely by hand, then sent us on our way. I can’t imagine they would ask you to fold it up, as there’s no way it would fit through the conveyor. Hope that helps!

  2. This is EXACTLY what I needed to read as we’re heading to hawaii next month. The tip about dual purposing the bassinet attachment BLEW MY MIND. My daughter will be 1 and is walking do you think this might be an issue for safety at night? (ie she tries to get out of the wagon? And regarding the comfort seat for toddler, do you think if you hadn’t had the bassinet attachment in the whole time you would have used this more? TIA!!!

    • I’m so glad you found it helpful! I think there is definitely the risk of her climbing out. My daughter did not think to attempt it (at 9 months), but it wouldn’t be hard for a determined kid to get out. We would really only put her down already asleep, because she was not comfortable falling asleep in it. If we’d planned ahead, we might have had her take some naps in it at home so that it was more familiar for her. I was actually quite paranoid about her waking up and climbing out, but at 9 months, she would just wake up and cry instead. So, depends on the kid, and the older your daughter is the more I would worry about that for sure.

      Yes: had we not kept the bassinet in, we would have used the comfort seat a lot. At that age (at home), we always used the comfort seat, if for nothing else, the nice harness.

  3. Hi! Thanks for the great post. I was wondering what you thought about getting the Veer for a almost 10 month old, 3.5 year old and my eldest 5.5yr ( he’s over the age to ride, but will want to!). I have a double stroller and as great is that is my kids HATE it! Car seats, strollers, there is more screaming then riding… grrr! I thought this might be a good way to get them to ride in a fun new way. Ever have both kids sleeping in the Veer when out and about? That’s my only concern. If they need to sleep, the double stroller is nice because there is space for them to both. Love to hear your thoughts! Thanks, Lauren

    • Hi Lauren! While the Veer is awesome for many things, sleeping while out and about is not one of them. Yes it is possible, but the seats (even with the comfort seats in) are fairly upright. I think your littlest one would be fine to sleep in it (my baby has slept in it no problem), but your 3.5 yo would probably have to slump really far to sleep. Unlike a double stroller, there’s just no support there for a bigger kid behind the head.

      I love it as an alternative to a double stroller, and my kids find it infinitely more fun to ride in. But if you want both kids to be able to sleep while you’re out, I don’t think it is the best bet.

      Regarding having 3 kids in there – I know lots of parents squeeze 3 in! You wouldn’t use the comfort seat in that case, but you can get 2 little booties on one seat for sure. 🙂

  4. Holy crap. This is awesome. I’m over here trying to fall in love with being a basic b with a stroller and an iced coffee but seriously if we have another I’m not doing a double stroller. THANK YOU!
    Also I ride a Brompton folding bike and it’s giving me the same foldy travel vibes with good design and accessories 🙂
    I’m going to go obsess over it!

  5. Great review. We are just about to embark on our trip to Kauai with the veer so this is super helpful. One thing we are trying to figure out is how to bring the sunshade? Were you able to fit that into your travel bag?

    • No, we couldn’t fit the canopies into the Veer travel bag. We packed them into our suitcase instead, and they barely fit there! But it worked and we were happy to have them. Have a wonderful time in Kauai!

  6. Amazing review! I’m a single mom who is also used to traveling light most of her life. When it was just one baby, a backpack and the Doona was all I needed, or the car seat on a travel cart. But now I have two girls and looking to get them on a plane with me to travel to beach location–16 mos old and 3.5 yrs old! no way will I lug a double stroller (I’m 5’2 petite) the Veer sounds perfect! If I put my older daughter in the ride safer travel vest then I’m looking at just one car seat. Could both girls plus a car seat fit into the Veer? eg, pop the Doona or a Cosco into the Veer, plop younger one into said car seat, and have my older one squeeze in also? or will she have to walk?

    • Thank you! I’m glad it has been helpful! I do think the Veer sounds like a good fit, although for someone who is petite, I will caution that it is heavy and hard to get in and out of the car (I’m 5’8″ and struggle to get it into my car). It’s no worse than a double stroller, and infinitely more useful, IMO. But just know that it is still a big thing to lug around. Especially for someone who likes to travel light.
      But to answer your question, yes! I kept my littler one in the Cosco seat inside the Veer through the airport, and my older one plus a few bags fit in there with her. That’s the way to go.
      And isn’t it amazing having one finally be old enough for the RideSafer? That is the BEST to no longer drag around 2 car seats!!

  7. Thanks! We love our Veer and are planning to travel this summer. Wasn’t sure we could bring it on a flight and are so excited to see it might be a possibility. Great write up!

  8. We traveled with our Veer to Aruba on American Airlines. We were not allowed to gate check. We weren’t even allowed to make the security/TSA line with it :/ so we went back to counter and checked it in. New policy is only 22lb max for any stroller and “no wagons”. ANYHOW! We still loved having our Veer with us at the beach and around town. Kids are so comfy in there. 1.5 and 3.5yo

    • Oh nooooo!! AA is unfortunately awful about this, and it applies to all strollers, not just wagons. They’re in the news a lot for this policy, which is so unfriendly to families! I have just updated the article with a warning about American Airlines… thanks so much for bringing it up!

  9. We are bringing our Veer with us to Maui. My babes will be 7mo and 3 yo. Do both your kids fit in it with the Cosco Senera inside the Veer? Wondering if I should purchase that and bring with us or just bring our infant bucket seat with adapter? I don’t think my then-7mo will be able to sit for so long yet.

    • Hi! You can fit both kids in at that age, but not with the car seat too. But if your 7 mo old is in the car seat, that would probably work fine. But if you can still use the bucket seat adapter at that point, I don’t see the downside to doing that. It is heavier to lug around than the Cosco, but if you have the Veer anyway, I don’t think that’ll matter much. 🙂

  10. random question. Here’s the scenario: we haven’t bought the veer yet — planning to do so for December holidays. However, we have a red-eye coming up, and baby’s going to be on our laps. Our last flights across the US and Canada, she struggled to settle comfortably on my lap to sleep. I’m looking for a cushion or better yet, inflatable mattress that isn’t huge, but also is big enough that a 10-month-old could lie on it, on top of her parents, on a plane. So here’s the question: can a baby sleep on the veer nap system without the veer itself? I’d buy the nap system now if it would solve this issue for us. Thanks for entertaining this weird question. I love your blog and find it very helpful for travel!

    • Oooh, very interesting question! I love the creative problem solving. 😀 So…. could it work? Kind of. Because it is designed to go inside of the Veer, the sides are not fully structured to stand on their own. It’s also pretty long, so it would need to go on both of you (or on an empty seat plus one person) and you would kind of be fighting with the sides to keep them up. I don’t think it would be ideal, but you could make it work. Depending on the airline, some bassinets accommodate babies of that age. If you haven’t yet, check into the bassinet requirements for your airline. That would be ideal! Otherwise, I would recommend getting the nap system through somewhere that you can return it, so you can try it out at home before deciding this is the way to go. It’s not easy doing a red eye with a lap infant! I have been there, and I feel for you!

  11. Hi!
    Did you have any concerns about theft of the cruiser when at the beach? We have just bought the cruiser (yay!) and when at the beach nobody will be at the cruiser when husband and I are playing with the kids in the water.
    I wonder if a buggy lock will suffice. There isn’t anything to attach it to though..

    • We usually stay close enough to it not to worry. It’s not something like a bag that someone can pick up and run off with, so we’ve been comfortable so long as it is on the beach with us. We wouldn’t leave it up past the sand, though, without a stroller lock on it.


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